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why use sonar


Sonar 2.3 Update - Twitter Moods, Saved Filters and a Whole Lot More

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

We’re just dropping you a quick heads up to let you know that we’ve just deployed some new features in our 2.3 update earlier in the day. Here’s what’s changed:

Twitter Moods (Beta)

Fresh of our analysts desks, tweets now can be classified by “moods” in addition to positive or negative sentiment. This is the first iteration of our mood detection system so it is still in beta and being tweaked an optimized around the clock. The icon below the tweet indicates the mood of the conversation. We’ve also included a “post type” classification which indicated if a post is a greeting, informational, question and others.  

Edit Your Own Topics and Rules

One of our top priorities is user experience and providing maximum flexibility to get the data you need when you need it. Now you can easily change topics and rules directly from the dashboard. Once a new rule is submitted, please allow a 1-2 hour review period before it goes live. We want to make sure that the rule or keywords are fully optimized so you directly discover the insights you need!

Editable Chart Colors

You can now change the colors represented on our charts to any color you wish. Play around with our chart color picker to get the right color scheme that matches your brand

Saved Filters

Get an extra level of flexibility with our new saved filters feature. Now, any term you search for within the dashboard has the option to be saved as an additional filter tag. Don’t need the filter any more? simply “unpin” it from the dashboard and replace it will what’s relevant to you. You can have as many saved filters as you want per account, so go crazy!