12.12 Conversations: National Online Shopping Day
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12.12 Conversations: National Online Shopping Day

22 Dec 2020

It’s December, which means 'tis the season for shopping, especially Holiday Shopping! Every December, it isn’t necessarily the holiday shopping people are enthusiastic about, people are more likely to be hyped about the crazy sales and discounts. There are so many promotions happening during December, right? There are Christmas sales happening, Year-End promotions to look out for. However, the most anticipated promotional event in December especially in the world of online shopping has to be the 12.12 National Online Shopping Day event or affectionately known to the local public as Harbolnas (Hari Belanja Online Nasional). This year was no different from the previous Harbolnas hype, the 20k conversations on Twitter alone proved the enthusiasm of the only audience (and customers).

Most e-commerce platforms, such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada are always on top of things when it comes to their annual 12.12 sale promotions. This year, these top e-commerce brands were once again the most talked about on social.  Tokopedia held a marathon of online concerts all through this year, leading up to December, meanwhile, Shopee rode the Kpop wave once again, on an even stronger note.

This year, Shopee reigned supreme, as there were over 25K Conversations on Twitter about Shopee in just three days (December 11th-13th). This was evident due to their various Kpop idol ambassadors that attended their 12.12 Birthday (and Harbolnas) online event, with handsome K-pop idols from GOT7, Stray Kidz, to Secret Number that are all popular in Indonesia joining in the fun events to celebrate Shopee's birthday and annual 12.12 sale event and being fully emersed in the local festivities of Shopee’s famous Goyang Shopee dance while interacting online with the shopee audience (and their fandoms) with charming Indonesian names and the local lingo. All this hype due to Shopee’s popular choice in ambassador and guests, it is no wonder they generated so much buzz this month especially during this year’s Harbolnas. 

Another interesting find this year was how there were very little conversations surrounding Tokopedia this year (2.375). However, the buzz surrounding Tokopedia was still evident due to their Waktu Indonesia Belanja events and series of concerts. 

Meanwhile, Lazada took the opportunity to create their own shopping lingo and hashtag that helped boost volumes in conversations due to the simple and catchy hashtag; Garbolnas. In fact, there were 16.889 tweets using the hashtag and keyword Garbolnas within the three days of monitoring, and 22.113 conversations about Lazada in general on Twitter. The fact that they had top tier matured celebrities such as Agnes Monica and top Korean actor, Lee Min Ho to promote their platform is also a huge plus point this year. 

So, which platforms did you spend most of your holiday shopping budget on? we can keep a secret. 

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