2020 Wrap Up: A Whirlwind of Issues
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2020 Wrap Up: A Whirlwind of Issues

23 Dec 2020

What can we say about 2020? With every twist and turn around every corner of 2020, it’s easy to say 2020 has been quite a strange yet eventful year. There is so much to wrap our heads around in terms of what has happened this year and it is definitely more than just the pandemic although that was indeed the center of it all considering the effects Covid-19 had towards the whole world. However, let’s narrow down the events and take a walk down memory lane to each trending topic, viral issues and news that made 2020 interesting, to say the least even during the lockdown and self-quarantine periods. We compiled this recap through our platforms based on the number of conversations we captured using Sonar Analytics and the many news articles published in 2020 that we found through Sonar Media. Let's take a walk through 2020, shall we?


The Covid-19 Pandemic

As we have already pointed out above, the Covid-19 pandemic certainly have had the biggest effect around the world in terms of health, economy, and political aspects, most of them being economical issues. From overwhelmed health care systems, facilities, and workers, to uncertain economic conditions due to company lay-offs, business bankruptcy, inflations, stock prices plummeting, as most businesses in various industries aren’t able to keep up with the radical change of working conditions such as remote or mobile working from home, as well as the declining demands of products and services during the uncertain times. With the number of cases still rising in many countries, including Indonesia, where there are a total of 6,982 cases (20/12) according to the latest JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data. As of now, the Indonesian government is striving hard for the vaccine, reportedly the first batch from Sinovac Biotech China being 1.2 million doses, an additional 100,000 from CanSino Biologics. According to President Joko Widodo, the first Covid-19 vaccination program will be held in January 2021. There’s a breath of fresh air when you need one, as the vaccination news have spread just as much as the previous Covid-19 topics throughout the Indonesian website. 

Though, in total, there are about 2.7 million articles on Covid-19, with the winning trending and most-clicked Facebook post of Tribunnews’s buzzing post “Golongan Darah O Lebih Kebal Terhadap Virus Corona?” with about 31,000 shares on the net.  Even now, our platform captured 680.981 conversations about the Covid 19 pandemic on Twitter alone just in the last month since November. 


The Indonesian Regional Elections (Pilkada) 2020

Following as one of the hottest issues in 2020, fresh from the oven, it is the Pilkada (Indonesian Regional Elections). Despite the global pandemic going on, the show must go on, right? The Indonesian government strives to proceed with the regional elections. 

The elections were originally set to be held in September 2020 but postponed due to the global pandemic and increasing number of cases, all efforts in hopes to decrease the risk and number of Covid-19 cases. However, the opposite happened instead. Cases increased up to 5,000 cases being recorded as of the recent weeks as mentioned above, but this did not bring down the government’s attempts to continue to hold the regional elections, consisting of 9 provinces, 224 regencies, and 37 cities throughout Indonesia.

The voting started on December 9th, with the vote count still currently happening and will be held up until December 26th, just after Christmas Day. A few new regulations have been set to ensure the safety of the elections, those of which include these striking changes of regulations, based by KPU (Komisi Pemilihan Umum) such as replacing the post voting finger ink dip to ink sprays and a few other standard safety measures. Although, looking at the continuous increase on the number of cases until this moment, it is hard to say whether or not the on-ground voting was actually the wisest decision according to many Netizen posts. The number of posts about this current Pilkada reaching 123.631 on Twitter from the 1st of December until today. There also have been a total of 255,000 articles from online media portals. 


The Omnibus Law 

Omnibus Law was one of the most controversial conversations on social media since 2019. The bills were aimed to uphold development of Indonesia’s economic sector according to and under the order of President Joko Widodo have generated quite the buzz (and backlash) on social media even all through 2020. These laws implement a number of legal changes under two law bills, The Job Creation (Cipta Kerja) and The Taxation (Perpajakan) Law. 

What caused this law implementation to be such a winding, home-hitting controversy was because of certain laws that were viewed as laws that were not in favor of the local workers and views as not compatible with the current situations. You can read all about this topic in further detail in our previous article

The Netizen backfire and the 2 million posts about the Omnibus Law back in October within just two days (Oct 5th-6th) along with the 8.698 tweets still going around about this matter from December 1st to December 22nd 2020 was not the only aspect that made this issue such a whirlwind issue that stayed as one of the most viral and controversial issues of 2020. There were 71,000 articles published about the Omnibus Law issue. Another form of Netizen demonstration against the Omnibus Law was the various user hashtags that all became a hot topic all over Twitter’s trending topic back in October, namely, #DPRRIKhianatiRakyat (2,915,079 conversations), #JegalSampaiGagal (3,022,465 tweets), #GagalkanOmnibusLaw (3,089,545 posts), #MosiTidakPercaya (3,267,973), #MosiTidakPercayaJokowi (26,956), and #MosiTidakPercayaDPRRI (206,901 tweets). With such high numbers, some of these hashtags were also used to create an online motion and petitions to legally abolish the bills, with posts submitted from global media portals and audiences.

Rizieq Shihab ‘s Return 

Last but not least, there were 69,000 articles about one of Indonesia’s biggest islamic organizations; FPI.  The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) have six people named by the local Jakarta Police, one of them including their leader, Rizieq Shihab. After his return from his exile, he and the other six have been suspected of holding crowd-pulling events at his house and the FPI headquarters at Petamburan of Central Jakarta, while also violating laws and regulations as well as health protocols. These violations correlate to Article 160 on the incitement of criminal acts can be punished with up to six years of imprisonment. Meanwhile, Article 216 of the Criminal Code stipulates a prison sentence of up to four months and two weeks for those found guilty of obstructing law enforcement efforts. Between Rizieq Shihab ‘s return, his welcoming all through toll roads towards and from the airport (CGK) and the crowd gatherings that have happened between the organization during this pandemic, to the unrest of him and his followers against the police on December 7th, 2020, it is no wonder that this topic has become the fourth most discussed topic on social media, according to the number of articles posted by online media portals, along with the 58.550 posts mentioning the keyword “Rizieq Shihab” and the 491.187 tweets about FPI within the last month alone.

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