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5 Important Metrics to Look Out for When Doing Media Monitoring

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5 Important Metrics to Look Out for When Doing Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is a great way to protect your brand’s most vital resource–reputation. It enables you to prevent potential threats and crisis by tracking the public perception of your brand while keeping an eye on your competitors. However, there are countless metrics to choose from and it is hard to determine which ones would be the most beneficial for your brand. Some vanity metrics are only there to make you feel good but won’t help you create a better brand strategy or achieve goals.

So, take a look at these 5 important metrics to look out for when doing media monitoring.

1. Engagement rate

When you have established your marketing strategy and started posting contents regularly, one of the things you must really measure is your engagement rate. Engagement rate indicates how well the contents that you post connect to your audience. The more you receive likes and comments on your post, the more popular it is among your audience. And when it gets a higher rank, there’s a better chance that even more people will get to see and interact with your post. Use this metric as a key learning to find out what kind of posts your audience likes best.

2. Share of voice

Measuring your brand’s share of voice helps determine how popular your brand is and how many people are talking about your brand. It also shows who these people are exactly and whether their message about your brand reaches many people. Having this information will help you assess your social media marketing performance and see which strategy works best. However, measuring brand’s share of voice is technically impossible to do without the help of social media tools.

3. Social media reach

Most brands try to be active on many social media platforms, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even TikTok because they don’t want their audience to miss out. Measuring your social media reach helps you see how many people could have seen and interact with your post. Try working with a more targeted audience that will respond to your post instead of impulsively trying to reach the biggest audience.

4. The most influential sites to your brand

The goal of social media presence is to reach audience who are interested in your brand. But how can you reach them if you are not even present in the platform? And in which platform exactly is your brand frequently talked about? These are the reasons why finding the most influential sites become one of the most crucial media monitoring metrics.

5. Sentiment analysis and conversation volume

Well, these two are technically separate metrics, but analyzing both at the same time will give you the whole picture of the state your brand is currently in. For example, the fact that your brand keeps getting mentioned by people on the internet does not always translate as a positive indicator. You must also assess the sentiment of these mentions and understand how people feel about your brand. If there comes a time when you see a high number of mentions followed by a rise in negative sentiment, it is time for you to get ready to face an approaching crisis.

Sonar Platform is one of the social media listening tools available in Indonesia that might be the best choice for you. We make sure that each metric is measured correctly and provide you with a comprehensive analysis that could help you gain key insights to enhance your marketing strategy and deal with crisis in no time.

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