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5 Types of Social Media Tools That Are Crucial for Content Marketing

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5 Types of Social Media Tools That Are Crucial for Content Marketing

No matter what kind of business you own, social media marketing is one of the things you must really take into consideration. Now that social media has gotten more and more competitive for businesses and marketers, you need to be more proactive in conducting strategies and ready to grasp all kinds of opportunities you have, including using the social media tools that are available in the market.

Now, here are the 5 types of social media tools that are crucial for content marketing.

1. Social media management tools

Social media management tools allow you to thoroughly manage most of the major social networks from your account. From responding to customer’s mentions and comments immediately, monitoring all social media networks that you have from just one place, to collaborating with others in managing your social media accounts, social media management tools give you the upper hand when it comes to gaining full control of your social media presence.

2. Content curation tools

It takes real effort to know exactly which content you should share on your social media networks. Instead of wasting hours skimming and screening through countless websites, save your precious time by giving content curation tools a try. Not only does it help you share contents that are relevant to your business, but it also helps you grow your profile by publishing quality content loved by your audience, which leads to more fans and followers that can boost your overall engagement rates.

3. Content creation tools

Freshly made contents and consistent branding are key to keep your brand thriving in the social media world. Keep in mind that nothing beats beautifully executed visuals when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention. So, it is best to use content creation tools that are specifically designed to help you produce visually appealing contents. There are currently many free sites with Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license which means that you can freely use the available professional images for your content creation purposes.

4. Social media scheduling tools

Having a great strategy and content calendar won’t help your brand stay on top if you fail to schedule it optimally, and this is why you need social media scheduling tools. Scheduling your contents allow you to post your contents at a particular time and date, on your specified social media channels. Though it looks simple and often unnecessary, social media scheduling gives you many benefits, such as: managing multiple social media accounts from one place, spacing out your posts so you get the highest return on your content, and being active without having to be physically available for your audience.

5. Social media listening tools

Last but not least, a good social media listening tool can help you understand how your company is doing in the social media world by monitoring and analyzing online conversations regarding your brand and anything else that are relevant to your company. The many benefits you can get from using a social media listening tool includes tracking brand intelligence, measuring your marketing campaign’s impact, benchmarking your brand with other competitors, and keeping up with trends.

Sonar Platform is a great choice of social media listening tool if you want to enhance your overall content marketing strategy. We conduct social media monitoring and social media market research from reliable data sources to help you gather information on your brand and competitors, providing you a comprehensive report which you can use to gain valuable insights.

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