Are You Choosing The Right Influencer?
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Are You Choosing The Right Influencer?

25 Sep 2020

The rapid development of the digital world/industry in Indonesia makes it easier for businesses to promote products online. Of course, creativity is needed in every business strategy, one of which is by endorsing products through an influencer. This profession is usually occupied by a YouTuber, celebrity, blogger, and top artist who has a large following on social media. The more famous an influencer is, the greater the power they have to inspire and influence many people, especially their followers to buy a product. However, choosing an influencer is not an easy matter because it should be in accordance with your target consumers, and one way is through Indonesian Social Media Analytics. There are several things that determine an influencer that is right for you to choose, such as the following; 

A Vision That Matches & Represents Your Brand 

Like businesses, every influencer has their own vision or goals when creating content on social media, so make sure the vision is the same as the product you are trying to promote. Netizens will see it as a representative of your brand. So, the more equations, the greater the opportunity to attract consumers who match the target audience and the vision or brand message of your business. They will also easily convey, promote, and influence target consumers to try or buy your product.

Higher Score Engagements Compared To Other Similar Influencers

Influencers with a high number of followers do not guarantee that your product or brand will be widely known or that sales will increase. Analyze the engagement score of the influencers you choose, and determine the highest. For example, according to detiknews, Kylie Jenner’s 136 million followers has a greater influence than Kim Kadarshian's 140 million followers. 

This is because Kylie Jenner has an engagement score of 1.33% and Kim Kadarshian has a score of 0.65% of her followers. Here's an example of a complete Instagram profile using the data from our Sonar Influence product:

Social Media Contents That Are Relevant & Aligns With Your Campaign

With the contents of an influencer’s social media content that is closely related to the product or campaign of your business, it indicates that they hold knowledge or relate to your goals as well. This aims to build the trust of target consumers. Influencers also find it easier to convey messages or influence to consumers so that your brand is better delivered to help increase sales.

The increasing number of social network users such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, the more convenient it is to attract many consumers digitally. Although endorsing an influencer seems easy, there are still many things that need to be obtained, one of which is the Social Media Analysis Report. Sonar Influence can be a platform that provides a showcase of influencer portfolios who will be involved in collaborations, projects, and endorsements, especially between micro-influencers and brands. This supports the running of your upcoming or ongoing campaign, in order to avoid implementing wrong strategies and allocating unnecessary expenses in the future while promoting products digitally.

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