Best of the niche: Micro-Influencers at their best!

Best of the niche: Micro-Influencers at their best!

30 Oct 2019

On our previous article we have discussed all about micro-influencers. This time we thought we would share a little more about the subject in hand. As you probably already know by now, Micro Influencers are those who have a more segmented base of followers or audience, along with a more specific interest that shows through their post and niche group. According to Markerly, Micro-Influencers have been proven to push or produce high-quality word of mouth. Considering that most Micro-Influencers are more likely to manage their own social media assets or accounts, they usually give off a more personal feel when communicating or reaching out their followers and when you reach out to them as a brand with a project offer, also when you are establishing a working partnership with them. Speaking of a working partnership, we took the liberty in listing just a few Micro-Influencers with a number of followers below 10K within their respected categories that you may want to consider reaching out to!

Why below 10K you may ask? With the ever increasing number of the social influencers population and based on expert opinions, Micro-Influencers have proven themselves more affective in generating word of mouth along with peer to peer influence, which means they are more than likely to increase your chances in persuading or even educating your targeted audience of your brand, product or services. Which is why we think, working with a group of micro influencers with less followers would give a more authentic and personal touch to your campaign and promotion activities on social. Who says you have to always go big or go home? slow and steady wins the race too! especially if you have the right influencer with relevant interests, posts, and audience segment by your side.. don't worry! we can help you with that! Sonar Influncer will help you with your Influencer Marketing needs, especially when you're trying to figure out which influencers to approach that will best represent your brand, product, and industry. With thousands of influencers strategically categorized by interests and respective niche, we're sure we can match you up with your perfect influencer and save more time and resources in the process. 

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