Detecting a Social Media Crisis with Social Media Monitoring

Detecting a Social Media Crisis with Social Media Monitoring

20 Apr 2021

The virtual world that we have created can also encounter crisis. In the very same way, our real-world also encounters a crisis, just like the current global pandemic of COVID-19. In both of these situations, there is a need to respond and handle matters smartly before things go out of hands. There is a need to have a sound knowledge of how to respond to emergencies. A better thing would be to prepare yourself beforehand. The art of sensing the danger in advance can save us a lot. There must be a plan at hand that can aid us and calm the storm.

On social media, things can be malicious for the company or the group. We must develop a strategy to tackle such situations.

However, first, there is a need to have a sound understanding of what actually constitutes a social media crisis. Understanding is the first key to the solution. Having valid social media market research is also very facilitating in this process.

What is a Social Media Crisis?

The crisis in both the real and the virtual world can have catastrophic consequences. A social media crisis denotes a social media activity that depreciates the reputation of the brand or the scope of your business. Do not think that a social media crisis is single negative feedback, comment or complaint. It is like a vast campaign against your brand or business. You can say that it is a negative or potential propaganda against your business. It can be like a straight out boycott of your brand’s products or services. This is highly dangerous for your reputation. Do not underestimate a single comment or feedback. Remember, it only takes one matchstick to set the whole house on fire. There are strategies available to tackle such situations. Some of this crisis can be baseless. On the other hand, it can be valid as well. You can also call it a PR crisis.

However, whatever be the reason or situation, do not worry. It is a not a hard nut to crack. There are ways to diminish the social media crisis well in time. It is good and clever to nip the evil in the bud. Let us get you to the ways for your rescue and safeguard your business' reputation.

The first step is to sense the danger before it turns into a monster. Detecting a potential social media crisis can come in very handy and save you from significant loss. Let us learn how to detect a potential social media crisis.

Detecting a Potential Social Media Crisis

It is important to anticipate such scenarios. It is highly advised to go with a proactive approach to crisis detection and management. The first thing to do is to understand and remember that these situations happen they are inevitable but manageable. Social media platforms the birthplaces of such a crisis.

Remember the rule they told you in class that the customer is the king. Well, this applies here as well. They hold power. If they are not happy with your product or service, they hold the authority to put the outrage on your social media handles. This can cause a whole lot of problems for your brand's image and business. Whether it is a faulty product, misconduct of any employee with them, any misunderstanding, and even it be any content on your social media platforms. This can be referred as customer criticism and site outages as well. They have their keyboards. The minute they express it publicly on your accounts, the fire is sparked.

They speak their mind out, and your image goes hanging by the thread. The things go out of your hands; especially if you do not handle them swiftly. The faster or higher your response rate, the higher your success rate in crisis detection or management.

Let us consider an example of a social media crisis for a better understanding. Dove encountered a social media crisis a few years back. In the year 2017, the global skin-care giant Dove brought an ad about their Dove Body Wash. In the ad, a black womanis seen removing her shirt and in turn revealed a white woman. The ad was quoted as racist. This led to massive backlash on social media or we can say that Dove had a social media crisis. More than 30,000 posts discussed the controversy in the same month. In this case, the unethical advertising practices or racist online content was the reason.

Moreover, the nature of your response matters too. If your response is facilitating, timely and thoughtful, it can even reverse the effects of the crisis.

This calls for social media monitoring. In such situations, it can be called the Crisis Monitoring on Social Media.

Crisis Monitoring for Social Media, the Savior!

The first step in social media monitoring or crisis monitoring to get a credible monitoring facility such as an app or software. There is a wide range of apps and services available, with a major chunk of these are free of cost. The notable ones are Google Alerts.

Choose a reliable and feasible software and get it started. Make sure that it has a user-friendly interface and is budget-friendly as well. The next step is to set your dashboard. This will streamline your social media operations. This dashboard will provide you with regular insights. It would also provide you with a centralized platform for monitoring in one place. Such soft wares merge and connect all your social media platforms and chain them together. This also includes your website or blog as well. These platforms provide you with an array of social media and market research tools to help you with social media monitoring.

Some of these social media monitoring tools are very useful. Use the following two to the best you can.

  • Alerts: This feature can guard and alert you like a watchdog. It notifies you whenever someone mentions your brand name on any platform. There is more to just notifying you in this feature. Another sub-feature of Alerts is the SpikeAlerts or Notifications. This phenomenal feature lets you know when your brand is mentioned somewhere, and the activity suddenly skyrockets. This also takes into account any other query that results in unexpected or spontaneous activity on your platform. This indicates that something about your business is getting viral and calls for an urgent action.
  • Digest: This is your daily informer or a ledger. This feature monitors and provides you with a regular overview of your mentions on a weekly or a daily basis. This allows you to keep a keen eye on your daily functioning and reputation. This feature can provide you with trends of activity on your platforms. Look for irregular patterns in these trends. This is an essential to social media marketing.

In this way, you can detect a potential crisis through social media marketing. Now, you can work on your crisis management strategy. There is a whole lot of crucial things to look for in social media crisis management.

There are some other things to monitor through your software as well. These are secondary but play a key role in your social media functioning. These are:

  • Social Media Marketing Research
  • Social Media Analytics.
  • Frequency and Intensity of Conversations
  • Slander and Misquotations
  • Feedbacks
  • Monitoring your Competitors and their Strategies.

In this way, you can get the best out of your social media monitoring software. It is highly recommended for brands or businesses to have a social media monitoring mechanism always in function. We appreciate all those brands who already value social media monitoring because they know that why it is necessary and they are aware of the potential risks of a social media crisis. We would invite all the brands to join the league. This way we can create a secure web-presence. This can also lead to improved customer satisfaction.Remember, it is possible to change the story or a narrative of any crisis if it occurs. Just be smart and keen about your strategies.

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