From the frying pan to social media: who’s the hottest brand leading the cooking oil industry on social?

From the frying pan to social media: who’s the hottest brand leading the cooking oil industry on social?

28 Oct 2019

In Indonesia it is no secret that most food are believed to be more tasty when fried, which is why it is not hard to believe that the cooking oil market is one of many has become greatly successful with the enormous number of demand as a daily necessity in many household kitchens. Not only found in kitchens, but now on social. Like most brands from various industries, cooking oil brands have followed the shift to social media marketing by actively taking on social media channels, commonly; Facebook and Instagram, which are two main channel of our monitoring and analytics today. We monitored and listened to a few famous cooking oil brands to find out how they were holding up on social. We found an interesting fact amongst the brands and how each brand performed differently across different channels.

According to our findings, Sun Co was the oil brand that has the most followers on Instagram with over 55K followers. However, Bimoli has the most Facebook fans; 802,289 to be exact, leading over Sun Co that has 407,395 fans on Facebook. Bimoli was also the best performing brand in terms of engagement on both Facebook (286.800) and Instagram (15799). Now, if you guessed that Sun Co is the 2nd best performing oil brand on social, you are technically right..for the most parts, as the brand generated 7.500 total engagements on Facebook. However, it was interesting to find that as a brand with the most Instagram followers they did not generate as much engagements on Instagram compared to Fortune (@fortunecermat). Fortune the 2nd highest amount of engagement on Instagram with 2.988 total engagement from over 12K followers.

Now, let’s take a closer look within the industry of cooking oil on social and how these popular brands are heating up the social platforms. Check out our infograph below to find out the campaign and industry related hashtags along with the influential accounts within this familiar and family-friendly industry. They are surviving your frying pans, but are they surviving the intense flame that is social media? Find out below!

Want a closer look of your industry? or perhaps you just need a overview of your brand is performing on social? Contact us to schedule a live and customized demo just for you! Now we’re cooking with gas, right? or should we say cooking with oil…

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