Harbolnas throwback: did you shop or did you tweet?

Harbolnas throwback: did you shop or did you tweet?

15 Jan 2020

Many locals know that December is not only for Holiday sales, but also the biggest sale and promotion occasion for online commerce in Indonesia, in which is familiar to most locals and netizens, that day is December 12th (1212) or affectionately known as Harbolnas. Considering we have written a few articles surrounding the hype of Harbolnas over the years, especially on social, we know that what is important is the numbers. Over the years, online shopping is quite a big deal in Indonesia, so it is not surprising to see 36,169 conversations about “Hari Belanja Online Nasional” or “Harbolnas” in the month long shopping season of December.

We’ve been looking at some of the biggest and most popular e-commerce marketplace to see just how much buzz these platforms generated on social by name during the month of December. Warning! The numbers may shock you…or it may not, you will just have to read and see now won’t you.

When it comes to online shopping, you may have been thinking about one of the largest e-commerce marketplace in Indonesia, that is Tokopedia. In the exciting month of December, this online marketplace and local commerce giant was mentioned within 92,939 posts in December. The numbers were great. However, this year, the most number of posts in the last month of 2019 was about Shopee.

Over the years, it is evident that Shopee ‘s brand and promotion efforts has been increasing in popularity. Last month, there were 486,724 conversations on the local side of Twitter about Shopee.

Both of these marketplace seem to have something in common when it comes to their marketing and promotional strategies, one of which being subsidized free shipping and the help of popular brand ambassadors, namely popular Korean acts that are vastly popular amongst the younger audience, especially on social media. However, despite the similar strategies, it is safe to say that Shopee dominated Harbolnas 2019 (and the rest of December) on social based on volume of conversation alone with over 3K conversations on December 12th until December 13th 2019.

Now, Tokopedia and Shopee are definitely not the only e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, there are quite a number of them, a few of them are Lazada and Blibli.com and we haven’t even gotten into the specific com merce platforms, such as fashion (Zalora) or travel and lifestyle (Traveloka) yet, but that’s for another day and another article. During the online shopping high that is the month of December there were 58,498 Conversations about Lazada and 5,457 conversations regarding Blibli on Twitter, volume-wise.

In conclusion, it was an unexpected find for us, considering that Tokopedia has been the biggest brand and platform taking over the e-commerce industry in Indonesia. If you are wondering about how your brand is doing on social compared to the giants in your industry, simply visit our contact page to book a customized Sonar Analytics demo tailored to your brand and industry.

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