Holiday Hacks: Festive content strategy tips you’ll need to know before 2020.

Holiday Hacks: Festive content strategy tips you’ll need to know before 2020.

24 Dec 2019

The Holidays are here! That means some over-do me-time, a little self reflection, some holiday shopping, and real exciting content. This is where it gets exciting!

Now, we know that most of you probably already have your content plan in, but it’s never too late to tweak it up a bit or even get an early start to your 2020 holiday contents, and we don’t just mean Christmas or New Year. We are about to show you a few tips on how your can amp up any holiday content, may it be Ramadhan or a simple Labor Day post (if you are not working, then by our specification it is in fact, a holiday). 

To create a good holiday content, of course you will need a good and relevant content strategy, here’s how you can develop such strategy;


Anticipate the trends

Holidays are most likely a time for tradition, but did you know that it is the perfect time to adapt to yearly trends as well? These days you don’t need to search or remember far back from the beginning of the year, considering that a lot of major Research and Information or Analytical companies will do that for you. Perhaps, current trends don’t really fit your business or the style of your brand? Well, it’s not a bad idea to look upon trends from the year before, make it a throwback! It’s worth a Google search to pull up news, recaps, or studies that have the statistic or just basic information on trends from previous holiday seasons. With the numbers in front of you, you can create content that you know people will be excited for.


Audit & learn from all your previous content

This is not exactly a tip exclusively to craft holiday contents, but any social media content strategy all through the year. You will need to see whether your current strategy is working and that means for every element of content. Are the visual style of your contents still relevant to the current audience? Are your text educating enough or are your customers still dm your official account because they’re confused about something? Are your activations generating the buzz needed to elevate your social media presence and are they pulling in and feeding the enthusiasm of your audience? These are the questions you need to ask as a content creator or social team in your company. Before you create any new content, you need to audit your existing content to assess what you already have, what content could be updated, and what new content should be created to generate better engagement and feedback. If you have been in business for a while and have published holiday-related content before, it may be possible to update your content for the new season. Or, it may make more sense to start from scratch. Or perhaps it’s okay to repeat your holiday content format from last year considering your audience loved it.

In the end, it depends on whether the content is current enough to be relevant for the upcoming holidays and whether there is potential in the numbers or traffic from your social assets.


Align topics with your goals

We all need to understand that not all content will be all glitter, shimmer and gold like a new year’s bash. Ironically, that is the golden rule. See what we did there? No? You will in the next tip.

The point is that we all need to accept that not all content (especially from brands) will become social media gold and go viral instantly. So, it is important to set achievable goals that your brand wants to achieve with your holiday content (or any content, really). Once your goal is set, you can align your content strategy to meet those objectives you have been listing down in your content planner.

For example, if your objective is to generate organic numbers and traffic to your social or digital assets, focusing on sending out holiday gift baskets and PR kit to big influencers, is not the best way. Sure, influencers are great for exposure and to push trials towards your product or services, but they won’t necessarily bring those honest organic numbers to your own assets or account, that is the common misconception here. If that is the case, those organic numbers you have been wanting for Christmas might not happen even if you wait for next year’s Ramadhan festivities. Also, what if you are in the Business to Business field? Well, influencers a definite no this season.

That is why setting clear goals and matching your content strategy with your goal is important. If your goal is for organic traffic, then try something more personal to your audience. No, we are not saying you need to send out a thousand gift baskets. Simply, try something that is targeted to your audience and reach them personally without hiring Influencers to do it for you. Similarly, if you are hoping to create a buzz on social media, pouring all of your energy into a 12 Day Holiday Deals e-mail campaign will not get you there either, although it is not a bad idea to generate some sales. However, you will need to separate your social content objectives and sales goals, because these numbers on social does not always mean sales conversion.

Here’s a tip: Giveaways, Q&A sessions, or Quizzes are great way to generate some buzz.


Activate creative contents; a play on words

Now you can really dive into the fun part of content planning. Once you reach this phase of your content plan, this would be your chance to think outside the box and brainstorm content ideas that are relevant to the holidays, make it fun and don’t forget the puns.

Keyword research is a great way to start. You can play around with holiday-related terms or phrases and identify keywords that are actually popular amongst your audience. Also, you can search for some of the great holiday contents that were around the year before, whether it was your own classic content format that was a hit amongst your followers or previous content from other companies. Social listening makes it easier to backtrack.

If your marketing strategy involves search engine optimization, this is the way to go. However, when you decide to do this, remember to tweak on it and make it your own, and update it to current trends and lingos.. yes, we just said lingos.


Perk up your designs!

Whether it is your social content, social account profiles or other digital assets, such as your website or application it will help hype up your performance or value to your audience by tapping into people’s sense of nostalgia and holiday spirit by adding seasonal photos or stock images, and other design elements to your content. Remember, a little snow flake can go a long way!


So, today we have learnt that content planning needs a bit of research and a whole lot of fun. Here at Sonar, we can help you with the research, so that you can focus on all the fun. Sonar Analytics can help you on trend and keyword research for content inspiration. We can update you with the latest social trends while keeping it relevant to your industry and audience.

Head over to our contact page or click the button below to get a customized demo on current holiday trends in your industry before the next holiday comes. Lunar New Year is just around the corner.

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