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How to Look After Your Brand Reputation Online

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How to Look After Your Brand Reputation Online

Social media has certainly changed the way all of us see the world and look at brands. Though social media can be seen as a chance to sparkle for many, those who fail in managing their social presence would instead realize that the social media world isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

Managing your brand’s reputation on social media might be a solution if you want to build a stronger relationship with your consumer and positively shape their perception of your brand. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Post contents that are relevant and engaging

Never let your social media page go stale because this is exactly what drives consumers away. Keep them updated by regularly posting relevant contents such as news, announcements, offers, or photos and videos. Engage with them and provide them all of the information they need regarding your brand or product. You can also make use of user-generated contents to help improve your brand’s online reputation.

2. Quickly resolve issues that affect your brand’s reputation

Nothing makes your brand’s reputation drop faster than having a lot of unsolicited feedbacks on your social media page for the world to see. We know for sure that it is impossible to always receive positive feedbacks on social. This is why you need to address this kind of situation quickly and respond to the negative reviews in the right manner. Take your time in resolving issues and be very specific when discussing it with your consumers. Doing so will benefit your brand in improving consumer experience which results in a better brand reputation.

3. Share customers reviews on your page

Keep this in mind: user-generated contents are a thousand times more powerful than the usual promotional brand contents. People are guaranteed to be interested to your brand when they see someone on social raving about the wonderful experience they have with your product. Show off five-star ratings and great reviews you found about your products on your profile and just wait and see.

4. Use social media listening tools

Tracking each and every conversation mentioning your brand on social is manually impossible. Luckily, social media listening tools are here to save the day. Social media tools work by tracking branded keywords and specific hashtags from the conversations that are taking place in social media. It helps a lot in knowing the overall sentiment surrounding your brand and preventing future crisis from happening. Not to mention that using social media listening tools saves you a plenty of time and effort.

Sonar Platform is a great choice of social media listening tool if you want to keep track of potential negative or viral trends involving your company, products, and services. In order for you to never miss a conversation about your brand, we conduct sentiment analysis and media monitoring in Bahasa Indonesia to deliver you a comprehensive report consisting of all the data you need. To further help you understand the position of your company compared to competitors, our market research tools benchmark over 12 main industries and find out precisely where you stand.

Contact us if you want to get a personalized demo using your company’s keywords.

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