Important Twitter discussion: the new iPhone XR & XR or Xiaomi Mi8?

Important Twitter discussion: the new iPhone XR & XR or Xiaomi Mi8?

08 Oct 2018

There’s nothing like the excitement of a new phone. And, nothing beats a good functioning smartphone when your day-to-day work and personal life depends on it. There are so many smartphones on the market now, from cellphone brands who started out producing your regular ol’ cellphone way back when to newly established brands who focus on producing the best and latest smartphone in the market, both in terms of technology and user experience. Although the newest and most improved smartphones do attract more than half of the world’s modern population, truthfully when it comes to the actual purchase or research before the actual purchase is important to know, because the truth of the matter is what everyone looks for in smartphone is different. Gamers look for a great, strong, stable software and…a great screen to keep up with their gaming needs. Busy Executives look for productivity, for example, how much time can that particular smartphone save for them, and what useful features does the phone offer, Bloggers often need a smartphone that posses a good camera, while Socialites need to have the best smartphone in the market that is stylish to reflect their lifestyle, this may answer to why Apple started releasing rose gold iPhones back then.

See? We all have different needs, obviously. So, with so many different smartphones in the market, how do you find the perfect one for you? Yes, re-search, and social media has made it so much easier for people to learn about newly released smartphones, all details included, from the look of a phone to its’ specs, and how it compares to other phones as well.

Recently, two popular smartphone brands have released their newest phones. Surely, you all have heard about the new and improved iPhone XS and XR. Also, the new Mi8 phone from Xiaomi.

On Youtube, you will find tons of social content about the newest iPhone. Apple official’s video post about the new phone had 14 Million views in just 4 days. This shows remarkable enthusiasm for the new iPhone release. Even in local side of Twitter, there were a lot of enthusiastic responses from Netizens, but it wouldn’t be the same without Indonesian Netizens adding in a bit of humor. Some people used the hashtag #RecehkanTwitter for their reactions, this hashtag is known as the go-to hashtag for humorous content. On the day of the Apple keynote talk, September 12th, Our tool found 3,931 tweets using the official hashtag; #AppleEvent. Also, the topic iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max reached its’ peak at the same day as well because of the official announcement about the phone’s release during the keynote, there have been a lot of buzz on the new iPhone, 52.242 total buzz on Twitter, to be exact. Mostly because ever since the new iPhone X which Apple just recently released, people wanted to see more of that Apple can possibly give to consumers and loyal followers, it is probably the only cult brand that ever existed in terms of of a Tech company or brand, so it’s actually no surprise that the release of their newest smartphone overshadowed it’s newest aspiring competitor, Xiaomi, who also announced Xiaomi their newest version of the Mi8 phone in which the original version of the phone was released back in June. It is said that new and improved version of this Mi8 is bigger than ever. Both are positioned differently in the market, but it never hurts to see how your brand is doing compared to others, especially on social, the buzz generated all over social media can help a lot in pushing awareness towards your brand and product.

Now, let’s talk numbers.

There were 6221 posts in total about the newest iphone XS and XR release, not surprising considering there were 5.798 tweets alone, with 45.816 interactions. Along with 384 online news articles, 25 blog posts and 12 linked Facebook posts. These captured posts generated 46.020 engagements in total.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s Mi8 Release generated 1.708 total buzz from 721 post, which includes 623 tweets, 82 news articles, 5 blog posts and 9 linked Facebook posts as well. However, for the amount of posts about the new Mi8 smartphone, the viral reach on Twitter is quite impressive, it accumulates to a total of 2 Million Viral Reach, with 71 Million in Potential Reach.

As we stated in the beginning of this article, people usually look for different features or functions in a smartphone, in this modern age, and the age of digital and google in particular, you can tell a lot about people through their search history right? Well, the same goes for social media, especially when it comes to consumerism online, you can tell a lot about what people are looking for and what they want through their posts, online conversations, comments, inquiries, and questions on social. More often than not, they will actually tell you what they want from your brand and/or product on social media, It is that easy these days. So, we took the liberty in monitoring social conversations to find out what exactly are people are looking for and what they are buzzing about regarding the new XS and XR iPhones, along with the new Mi8 smartphone.

As you can see from the infographic below, you can see that the most common topics of conversation on Twitter regarding the newly released smartphones are Specs( Specification ), RAM, Harga (Price), Camera, Screen, Unboxing, Baterai (Battery), and Rilis (Release). We can assume that these particular topics are what local netizens are keen on knowing more about when it comes to the products that are releasing.

If we get into the specifics of each brand, when it comes to the new XR and XS iPhones you can see that people are most curious and concerned about; the price or “Harga” considering this particular range of iPhone is categorized at the priciest release yet, Baterai (Battery), Rilis, which refers to the release date of the new iPhone XS and XR and whether or not the phone will release in Indonesia. Another topic that peeked Netizens’ curiosity and attention is the Dual Sim Card slot within the new iPhones, even though a dual sim card slot is not something new when it comes to smartphones, especially since almost every smartphone in the market has the dual sim card functionality. However, this is the first time Apple followed the mainstream trend. Netizens also showed a lot of enthusiasm and attention to the Screen of these new iPhones, due to Apple’s explanation of the newest liquid retina display within the screen of the iPhone XS and XR. Meanwhile, regarding Xiaomi’s Mi8 smartphone, people are very keen on the price, which is interesting because of a fairly advanced smartphone, Xiaomi still stands by its’ affordability in their pricing, another topic of conversation surrounding Xiaomi’s Mi8 is their newest edition to the release, the new Mi8 Youth. Now, while we monitored these two smartphone brands we also found another brand that popped up within the circulating topics of conversation, in comparison to the new iPhone XS, that smartphone is the new Huawei P20, particularly because of its’ advanced camera quality, this sparked the interest of Netizens to compare the camera quality of the Huawei P20 and iPhone XS/XR.

So, which phone are you interested in? and what are you more curious about regarding the smartphone of your choice?

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