Imposter Among Us: Find out just how hyped this game is and how they can help your brand in social marketing
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Imposter Among Us: Find out just how hyped this game is and how they can help your brand in social marketing

26 Oct 2020

By now we are sure that you have heard about and played Among Us. This simple indie game became a huge trend in a relatively short amount of time. It just suddenly became an instant hit with 41,9 billion downloads in September. From the slang to the memes, it has become a huge success, especially on social. This game became a global phenomenon that most brands and government institutions wanted to be a part of, in order to reach the younger crowd. From brands in the US like Baskin Robbins, to Dominos in Malaysia, even e-commerce platforms like Lazada, they all hopped on board the spaceship with the Among Us crewmates to include this trending game in their social media marketing strategy, whether it’s the design elements, popular memes and the slangs that emerged from the game. 


Now, on a global scale, brands are not the only ones becoming crewmates of this game. Government institutions and political parties have also joined in the game in order to reach a wider audience and much younger crowd. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) went viral by playing Among Us on the live streaming platform; Twitch, in order to connect with the younger public and urged them to vote in this year’s election. Now, this is not the first time the political party cooperated with games in order to persuade the younger public to vota. Joe Biden has his own island in Animal Crossing, which is another popular game by the famous game company Nintendo. The Biden Island or affectionately known as Biden HQ in the Animal Crossing game was built to explain all about his campaign and the Biden-Harris administration, complete with voting booths and all. This game have also pushed forward some clever slangs which include a catchphrase that we know you would already be familiar with; “orange is kinda sus”. Yes this has become a nation wide jab and catchphrase to a certain figure on thethat we will not be discussing in this article, sorry!  

Aside from hype marketing and politics joining in, the Among Us game has also generated alot of buzz (organically) on social media way before these institutions and brands started jumping in.. which is pretty admirable. Sonar Analytics found 490.609 tweets in Indonesia alone just in the span of a month (September-October 2020) with roughly 16.199 local netizens playing Among Us in one month based on the number of conversations we found about playing the game. 

These little colorful game characters and the concept of the game itself is starting a trend within the younger audience and have created a cult following among them. Aside from these visual aspect of the game characters, the catchphrases of this game are the perfect creative boost to your brand's social media content strategies in order to follow this trend.

Just to assure you and your brand on how big this game is on social, take a look at the immense amount of conversations we found relating to Among Us from September to October and just how many crewmates have “died” because of the 23.368 imposters being talked about on social, but also the immense amount of Victories Among Us. That pun was fully intended. 

Have you joined in this hype? have you played Among Us? if you have, were you the imposter? Because you looking kinda sus!

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