International Coffee Day: Brewing For The Mobile Generation
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International Coffee Day: Brewing For The Mobile Generation

09 Oct 2020

October 1st is celebrated as International Coffee Day; a day to honor the art of coffee from the bean farmers, the barista, and brewers, to the coffee lovers everywhere. Coffee has been a part of people’s daily lifestyle for quite some time now. This is evident in the 554,991 tweets we found about “Coffee” and “Kopi” just in Indonesia.

In the last few years, we have seen the landscape of the coffee business expand from big chains of coffee shops and giant international franchises to smaller (local) coffee brewers that have been brewing up buzz and popularity amongst consumers due to its’ (more) segmented business models. Firstly, they are focused on coffee, brewing the best quality coffee starting with only a handful of caffeinated drinks in their menu before expanding their product range. Other than with their menus, these small local brewers are also focused on a particular segment of consumers which happens to be the younger crowd. Yes, those young adults living their fast-paced life that need a quick caffeine fix without any cakes or a place to sit and gossip, those who need an instant caffeine boost while working on projects and events in which they can’t leave to go to a coffee shop or the mall where these shops are usually located, or those young struggling adults that are working on their academic papers, thesis, homework, along with those people who just need a cup of joe to keep them awake in order to finish their newest Netflix or K-Drama series binge.  

Some of the coffee breweries that are very close to the lives of Indonesian people include Fore Coffee, Kopi Soe, Kopi Kulo, Kopi Kenangan, and also Kopi Janji Jiwa. Which brings us to the other reason why these local brewers have become so increasingly popular; they are always close to you. By this, we mean really close. The small and compact concept of these stores makes it easier to maintain and also expand the business, property wise, as these stores are solely meant for taking away and pickups through delivery services such as Gojek (Go-Food) or GrabFood. Currently, you can find any small local breweries like Kopi Kenangan, Janji Jiwa, Kopi Kulo, Kopi Soe, and others just about anywhere, it would not be difficult to find a store within your area, while Fore Coffee can now be found in most nearby malls. 

Also, recently, one of these local coffee brewers has become a topic of public discussion with up to 40% positive comments, as our tool captured over 8K conversations across all the major social media channels and even news that is obtained by media posts as well. This is because Kopi Kenangan has received another injection of funds from Facebook's co-founder, Eduardo Saverin. Kopi Kenangan is indeed very attractive to investors. Previously, in May, Kopi Kenangan successfully secured series B funding from Horizons Ventures, Verlinvest, Kunlun, Sofina, B Capital and also Alpha JWC. The grant was carried out to accelerate Kopi Kenangan's target to open 650 stores by 2020. Another small brewery with great success in fundraising; Fore Coffee. Fore Coffee successfully raked in a total of 127 billion in funding by the end of January of last year (2019). This brewery was also mentioned in about 3507 posts. However, even though Fore Coffee received 33.3% positive comments, recently Fore Coffee was rumoured to have permanently closed 20 of its stores due to COVID-19. 

Aside from Kopi Kenangan, Kopi Janji Jiwa was also one of the most popular breweries on social, based on volume. Kopi Janji Jiwa was mentioned in 4211 conversations with 45% positive comments. This coffee brand, which is known to have 800 stores, has just launched an application product called Jiwa+, where consumers can order coffee or toast through any delivery application, such as GoFood and GrabFood. 

Now, let’s talk about the other charming little breweries that you may have also heard or even become a regular customer at. First, there is Kopi Soe, which boomed into popularity after their signature menu for Rum Regal Coffee (Kopi Rum Regal). Kopi Soe mentioned in 2275 conversations with 39.1% positive comments. This lively conversation resulted from one of the marketing strategies carried out, such as providing promos in the form of bundling and also a collaboration between Kopi Soe and Teh Pucuk Harum. This unique collaboration aims to re-energize the Indonesian people who are starting to give up due to this pandemic. Kopi Soe and Teh Pucuk Harum want to prove that differences are not an obstacle to unity. 

Not only Kopi Soe, but Kopi Kulo also collaborated with Hydro Coco, a coconut water drink. This product collaboration resulted in four new flavors, including Cocolapa, Pink Paradise, Coco Latte, and Pinacoco. With the new variant, it’s no surprise that Kopi Kupo raked up 2044 conversations in the past 30 days. 

It is safe to say that even this pandemic has not stopped most of these breweries as they were intentionally for deliveries and quick pickups. Now, most of these breweries also offer their coffee and lattes in liters. Yes, we’re talking about 1-liter coffee bottles or commonly viewed as “Family Size” in order for people to enjoy coffee during their days in quarantine and/or isolation during these uncertain times of this Covid-19 pandemic. 

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