Meet the sisterhood of the travelling influencers!

Meet the sisterhood of the travelling influencers!

06 Sep 2019

In the era of social influencers, we are most aware of beauty, food and travel influencers. However, travel bloggers have started their career way back when, now the phenomenon that is Instagram has made it easier for travel influencers to post more regularly, with quick and easy Instagram stories and updating live from their travel destinations with Instagram live.

Speaking of travels, we all know that traveling alone is fun but traveling with a buddy is an experience worth sharing and remembering. So, we took to Instagram to find some of the lovely adventurous Influencers that most people would absolutely want to travel with. We know that they will travel in style as their boots are definitely meant for walking.

Yes, we surfed the internet for some of the most popular ladies who travel day to day, giving us inspiration for travel content and destinations for your next ladies trip or weekend getaway.

From the original (OG) famous travel journalist Marischka Pruedence to the popular new comers in travel blogging. Marischka has been and continues to be one of the most influential female travel bloggers. As a former journalist, she uses her ability to write and her flare with words to blog about her her adventures. She has been giving Netizens a lot of travel tips and recommendations on great travel destinations for a while now. If you are ever in need of a traveller who not only shows their audience where they are going through visually appealing photos, but also writes down her detail experienced like the good ol’ days, then she would be the perfect adventure buddy for you and your brand. Meanwhile, new

Her travel blog is not the only impressive part of her credibility as a travel influencer. Marischka’s Instagram page has over 110K followers, generating an average engagement of 1,551 for each of her posts. It’s no wonder she is almost always chosen to endorse brands from various industries, from airlines (Cathay Pacific), to casual fashion retail namely, Uniqlo. She is also one of the chosen influencers to promote CIMB Niaga bank and Informa for their 15th anniversary (#Informa15th).

Meanwhile, travellers who are a little new to the social scene compared to Marischka have not fallen behind either! Newcomers and late bloomers in the travel game, Sarah Azka and Kadek Arini are known to the modern public as faces that promotes a wide range of travel or lifestyle application and e-commerce marketplace platforms such as Traveloka, and blogger along with other brands known to the younger audience such as Clean & Clear, Dove, and Nivea, as they were both also the selected influencer to promote Vaseline’s Patroleum Jelly. As travel influencers, they seem to stay true to their roots, as you often see them traveling across local lands, discovering beautiful local beaches, and small islands all over Indonesia which will make perfect island getaway destinations. Also, Sarah is one of the Influencers that took part in a nation-wide campaign regarding local public transportation; TransportasiKita held by the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation. Using popular hashtags #TransportasiUnggul and #IndonesiaMaju her campaign post generated over 3K likes.

Travel junkie, Anggey Anggraini or known on Instagram as @her_journeys is also known for her great engagement rate on social. You know what is the best part? They are all travel buddies. You often see these ladies travelling together  through their Instagram posts. This is probably why you often see them promoting the same brand, such as Vaseline, Klook Travel, and Kate Spade, along with similar Travel Fair campaigns or events from Airlines and Credit cards.

So, whether you are an Airline, Hospitality business, lifestyle Apps, Banks, or lifestyle events such as We The Fest, that is in touch or want to be included in the life of travellers we suggest making either of these adventurous ladies within the Sisterhood of Travelling Influencers as your travel guide and buddy. Take a look at the numbers behind their journey below!



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