Meet the top influencers behind the most popular local beauty brands!

Meet the top influencers behind the most popular local beauty brands!

05 Sep 2019

When it comes to the world of beauty, we know that Instagram is the place to showcase and market your brand as it is a visual platform. However, one other important thing to know about the Beauty industry is that their Marketing strategy not only relies heavily on social media, but pretty much depends on Influencers, especially in this modern day where beauty influencers have created a full blown community on social both online and offline. Regardless, beauty brands have been implementing the Influencer Marketing strategy before it was even a thing. They have partnered up with influential people in the beauty community since as long as we remember, may it be celebrity ambassadors or make up artist suggestions, and reviews of then beauty bloggers. Well, considering now that visuals are an important aspect of social media, with YouTube and Instagram, it's made their job a whole lot easier, and more intense at the same time. How many swatches, eye looks, and snapshots of beauty products do you see on instagram a day? the answer is alot, even if make up is not a big part of your life or one of your interest, we're willing to bet you have that one friend that posts pictures of her newest eyeshadow palette or lip tint reviews at least once a day, right?

As we've stated above, we know that the beauty industry is reliant on these newfound famous Influencers on social to keep the intense hype going, which means with every new release, and even now collaborations with famous influencers. We have seen this happen alot, especially in the U.S and it is now also happening here with local brands and local influencers and the Influencers we were monitoring this week are doing exactly that. So, here are some of the most popular Beauty Influencers that have collaborated and partnered up with some of the biggest local beauty brands, such as Wardah, Pixy, Make Over, and even Maybelline Indonesia. The numbers speak for themselves! It's basically 1K for every swatch photo! okay, maybe not, it could be more..

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