Scariest local horror threads that has social shivering in fear

Scariest local horror threads that has social shivering in fear

31 Oct 2019

The horror film industry in Indonesia is now growing, posters of local horror films always adorn the walls of the cinema and is almost always the most awaited movie by the audience. It’s no secret that the Indonesian audience loves a thrill especially when it’s horror-related. Even though the country itself does not really celebrate the Halloween traditions, it is obvious that the horror entertainment market really is the most promising. The revival of local blockbuster horror films began with the film; Danur that premiered back in 2017, which successfully broke the record as the best-selling film in the history of the Indonesian film industry and that now has 2 follow up movies. The film was based on a novel written by Risa Sarasvati who is now also well known for her popular horror YouTube show; Jurnal Risa. Danur seemed to have opened the gate for Indonesian horror films to become successful once again. This widely adapted interest quickly moved to social as well, thanks to the Jurnal Risa series. Now, you can find horror content or stories not only on YouTube, but also on Instagram stories and Twitter.

Speaking of which, with Twitter threads being the most viral form of social media trends and issues, you may have heard of the viral horror thread; KKN di Desa Penari (Community Service Program at a dancer’s village). Yes, we roughly translated that title as it sounds so much better and scarier in Bahasa Indonesia. 

This story first emerged as a common Twitter thread from the user @simpleM81378523 and quickly became a trending topic. The chilling story even spilled over onto other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, even comedian and writer Raditya Dika shared his thoughts on the story on his YouTube channel. The thread has been retweeted over 32.800 times to date and generated 79.5K likes from the users of the blue bird application. Because of the virality of this story, KKN di Desa Penari was made into a novel and apparently is now being planned to be adapted into the big screen. MD Pictures confirmed the production of the movie of KKN di Desa Penari with a short and simple teaser. Rumour has it that the movie will be released in 2020.

In addition to KKN di Desa Penari, here are a few Twitter horror threads that has been discussed and pretty much went viral amongst netizens, cue the screams! 

  • Harusnya Malam Itu Saya Pulang (I Should’ve Come Home That Night) by @ryannuurfajry

This Netizen re-tells the story of an online taxi driver who drove a woman who turned out to be...well, we’re not going to spoil the spook for you but let’s just say, she wasn’t who he thought she was. This thread received over 1,2K Retweets, and 3,3K Likes. Check out the thread, but we don’t recommend reading it if you’re in a cab right now. 

  • Ririn Jadi Pocong (Ririn Turned Into a Corpse Ghost)

This regular ol’ Netizen shares a particularly horrific story of a woman who turns into a local indonesian ghost legend; pocong (corpse ghost) and all because of a jacket! Intrigued? So were we! @arangga_aria received over 11K Retweets for his thread and an even more spooktacular 16,3K Likes and about 1000 replies. 

  • Kerasukan Massal Resiko Membawa Perempuan Haid ke Gunung (Mass possession: The risk of bringing menstruating women to the mountain)

This thread tells the story of a mass possession that occured due to litter pad that was thrown carelessly to an open area of a local Mountain. This story told by @yoit_sijelek generated 3.9K retweets and 13.3K likes. 

Paranormal Experiences is also a hot topic for content on Youtube. Here are a few videos of local YouTubers sharing their paranormal experience:

  • Raditya Dika: The Scariest House in Jogja

The first story came from one of the most famous Indonesian writer and comedic personality, Raditya Dika. In his video entitled "The Scariest House in Jogja" Raditya and his friend..let’s call him “Mister” or at least that’s what Raditya called him on his video.  as the owner of the house, Mister told the story of their terrifying experience while living in that haunted house. The idea for this video came about due to Raditya's experience of staying at Mister's house back in 2006, Mister, who at that time was studying at UGM (Gadjah Mada University), occupied his grandparent's house, which had not been inhabited for 10 years, and often experienced unexplainable scary events.

Mister told viewers about various strange things that often happened at the house, starting from the glass door being knocked hard many times when there was no one to be found. A closet that shook by itself, to a point that he explained he saw a glimpse of a woman’s face peering from the door vent. 

With the topic of horror peaking interests of most local netizens and the 7.9M subcribers Raditya Dika has, it’s no wonder that the hour long video went viral as it became the no 1 local trending video YouTube with 6.6M views and 195K likes up until the 2nd week of October...and it wasn’t even Halloween yet! 

The video entitled "The Scariest House in Jogja" was made and posted into several parts and in the following parts, Raditya Dika always bring new speakers and neighbors who experienced similar frights within the cluster of Jogja horror houses. If you’re looking for a story that is both “domestic” and frightening, go on tell this one to your neighbors this Halloween, we dare you. 

  • Nessie Judge’s Haunted University Segment

Local horror lovers out there must already be familiar with this Youtuber. Yes, she is Nessie Judge. This woman is famous for her mystery and horror content. In the NEROR segment, Nessie once discussed about the most haunted campuses in Indonesia. Yup, you might want to skip a few night classes after watching this segment especially this particularly haunting story. It is about one of the most well-known universities in Indonesia. Some of you probably already know about the legend that is "the red ghost at the Teksas bridge".

Based on what was said by several students who had seen...things (we won’t get into details), the red figure was a long-haired woman with a long red dress and scarf. She often appears on the bridge that connects the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (formerly known as the Literature faculty). Her figure is often seen around these buildings. Sometimes, she appears at the Engineering faculty and sometimes also appears around the Mosque near the Cultural Science building. Some even swears that the figure appears in the class disguised as a student attending lectures. We’re getting shivers over here! That’s definitely all trick and no treat there. This video itself has been watched over 3.5 million times. 

Legend says that this haunting ghost still remains there and the truth behind this story is still a mystery. Anyone thinking of a Halloween costume? We’re just saying...

  • The Onsu Family Terror:

If you’re up to date with recent issues or just a rather excitable horror enthusiast, you may have heard of the Onsu family. Recently, some unpleasant news came from Ruben Onsu’s family. The family of the artist and owner of the famous culinary brand; Geprek Bensu continue to receive mysterious terrors and hauntings. On his YouTube channel, Ruben Onsu told practically everyone on social about the horrifying terrors that often disturbs him and his family. In the video, he mentioned himself bleeding even though there were no injuries on his body. 

He also saw a large, black figure entering his daughter's room. Not to mention, his wife, Sarwendah also had an rather frightening experienced. She swore that Ruben's figure was already at home, doing his usual habits and activities, when in fact her husband was actually still filming. Ruben said that the terror also visited his younger brother, Jordi Onsu. Ruben Onsu is still traumatized by the repeated horrors that happen every day at around the same time, from 2am to 4am.

Is it safe to say that Indonesia actually has a horror fetish? well, we can definitely ensure that you will feel the spooky Halloween vibes with these stories. Find out what other viral issues and threads that are circulating on social or even within your industry with a customized demo of Sonar Analytics, if not we're TERRIFIED you will be left out! 


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