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Sonar X Dataxet Webinar Summary Part II: Brand Performance & Activation

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Sonar X Dataxet Webinar Summary Part II: Brand Performance & Activation

On our previous article, we have compiled a summary of the EVO insight framework which was introduced to us by Robert Kabus (Dataxet’s Chief Insight Officer) during our “Sonar X Dataxet Webinar: Taking Media Intelligence from FYI to ROI” webinar last month (15/09). If you haven’t read the first part of our webinar summary, click here.

After getting the idea of how EVO can really help us create more transformative insights and strategies from data, we will now move on to the next material which was presented by Aristama Roesli (Chief Data Officer of Sonar Platform).

EVO: Brand Performance & Activation

(Speaker: Aristama Roesli)

Adding on to what Rob has previously explained about the EVO insight framework implementation, the very same framework is also used by Sonar to help us analyse brand performance and activation more accurately. This higher level of preciseness is what really sets us apart from our competitors out there when delivering reports to clients.

After tracking social media conversations that are related to the top performing hospitals and telemedicine providers, each story that became the top topics is categorized using the three drivers (Experience, Values, Offer).

Seeing how someone’s personal post about their own personal experience with hospitals became the most engaged topic out of the rest, it turns out that Experience was the main engagement driver for hospitals. On the other hand, Values and Offer were the main engagement drivers for telemedicine providers since the most engaged topics revolved around personal health, promotions, and collaborations, which leaves us with a few key takeaways and comparison between the two:

  • Story-Focus

Hospitals: People’s personal stories that just happen to take place in hospitals.

Telemedicine Providers: Information and facts about the telemedicine provider itself.

  • Story Angle

Hospitals: More about the industry in general, such as information about their services, appreciation posts for health workers, and other things related to healthcare.

Telemedicine Providers: More about the products and services that they currently have.

  • EVO Drivers

Hospitals: Led by the Experience driver, seeing how people’s personal posts got the highest engagement.

Telemedicine Providers: Led by the Offer driver, seeing how the audience were more interested about promotions or discount.

  • Challenge

Hospitals: How to improve their brand attention.

Telemedicine Providers: How to improve their brand value.

After collecting these data using the EVO insight framework, we can then calculate each brand’s EVO Score on each category. This EVO score is used to determine how one brand is performing compared to their competitors in terms of engagement and sentiment, as well as seeing which EVO drivers were their strengths and weaknesses. Then, we can proceed to analyse which brand was at the top in terms of brand positioning, what is being said about each brand on social, and figure out how each brand can improve their overall strategy.

Watch the full webinar on our YouTube channel for the details:

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