Stay Alert: Keep up with Sonar's News Round Up!

Stay Alert: Keep up with Sonar's News Round Up!

23 Apr 2020

In this current situation due to the Corona virus outbreak, we fully understand the need to keep track of issues and news surrounding the topic of COVID-19, along with the need for means of constant monitoring and filtering of the vast volume of information on digital and social media.

Within early April, Sonar has given its' subscribers and partners free Viral Meter access. Viral Meter is one of Sonar's newest platform for issue tracking and monitoring trending topics, including news and trends amongst various platforms all inclusive in one integrated display platform, these channels include Twitter (trending topics), Forum, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Searches. We set our Viral Meter platform to specify its' function and main topic to track, monitor and display updates and trending issues on COVID-19 during this Corona Outbreak in Indonesia as a way for Sonar partners to remain updated on relevant information regarding this global pandemic.

Another way Sonar is sending out a helping hand is by updating partners and netizens on Covid-19 cases. Starting today, April 3rd 2020 (Friday), Sonar have put together an aggregated media article portal which compiles COVID-19 related news coverage from over 300+ Indonesian news sources, along with updates on data of the rapidly increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, in order to fully understand how the media is covering COVID-19 in Indonesia. We hope that this can provide an unbridged overview and detailed description of issues, coverage and how the media in general is tackling and informing the public on the current situation in Indonesia. Articles are currently updated every hour and are solely owned by each respective publication.

Sonar is a data solutions company, aiming to give automated analytical solutions to companies by harnessing social and digital data. Therefore, with the current situation, we are aiming to help keep communities updated with only relevant and factual data, in the midst of the overflowing information that is currently flooding media portals and the large number of conversations surrounding the issue of COVID-19.

As the number of national cases of COVID-19 continue to grow, we are fully aware of the panic it may stir amongst the local communities and citizens, especially those in the capital city (Jakarta) as one of the concerning "red zone" of the outbreak. Also, with the rise of numbers and panic surrounding this pandemic, we are aware of how equally vast increase of fake news or hoax, especially on social, and regarding the actual number of cases or "updates" regarding positive cases. Therefore, Sonar is committed to collect and showcase only relevant and accurate data regarding this matter.

Check out our free COVID-19 Indonesian news and Information aggregator here

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