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The Evolution of Media Monitoring

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The Evolution of Media Monitoring

Media monitoring refers to a process through which one can keep track of media coverage concerning issues related to the campaign. It is used in movements that target audiences who use either traditional media or digital media sources. This article will help you understand the evolution of media monitoring.

The first media monitoring service was founded in 1852 in London. It is attributed to the efforts of a newsagent named Romeike. It was after he noticed that many artists were constantly browsing his stock for a mention of themselves. He realized that he could gain some profit if he did this work for them.

In 1879 Alfred Cherie founded the L’Argus de la presse that was similar but a little more professional than Romeike’s. Just like Romeike, many actors flooded his shop in search of their work reviews. In response, Alfred started clipping the most necessary checks and assembling booklets of the coverage that the actors could buy. In the 1940s, immediately following the second world war, the practice gained popularity even more. The radio stations tasked their employees with keeping track of the correspondences to the stations. They counted the pieces of mails devoted to specific subjects and carefully measured to ascertain whether the number of harmful emails was falling or rising

Later, in the 1960s, the press clipping services and agencies worldwide began experiments that monitored radio and television broadcasts using video and audio recorders. The audios and videos would then be transcribed and forwarded to the clients. In the 1970s, media monitoring evolved even more, with the agencies now offering analysis of the data collected from the coverage. PR Data was the first to use a simple computer program in providing this analysis.

In the 1990s, the internet became a catalyst for change in many industries, and media monitoring was not left out either. The platforms for hosting information were now endless. The media monitoring agencies moved from physically cutting and pasting into books and utilizing the new technologies to offer their services. Later the firms began monitoring online news directly, leading to a further expansion of their service abilities.

In 2003 a software solution to monitor online sources was developed. MediaMiser was one of the pioneers of this software. Later social media monitoring started. With the development of free media machines, a need to digest all the information emerged. In the beginning, individuals were reluctant to respond to these needs. The small agencies and the government later replaced them. Although media monitoring requirements have changed over time, the foundation of media monitoring has not changed. And though monitoring has traditionally been considered a tiresome task with many people forced to burn their midnight oil while scanning and searching and copying and pasting, digital media monitoring has helped improve the monitoring process making it more efficient.

Moving into the 2020’s a wide range of SaaS (Software as a Service) companies provide media monitoring services although most are quite segmented and only offer traditional OR social monitoring and analysis services. At Sonar Platform, we combine both traditional and social into one integrated platform, enabling users to directly combine and compare a wide range of metrics and insights from both spectrums.

There is no doubt that Romeike and Cherie would be lost for words to see how far the media monitoring has come.

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