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Top Indonesian Crypto Influencers You Should Follow

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Top Indonesian Crypto Influencers You Should Follow

Cryptocurrency has been booming in the digital world for quite some time now. This digital trading system seems to be attracting a lot of people’s attentions, but it takes more than just curiosity to know what’s really going on.

When we talk about crypto, we talk about technological and economical knowledge. These fields of knowledge are uncommon to most people, and it is not something you can learn overnight. Following crypto influencers may be a solution for those of you who are interested in crypto trading. Not only do they explain those difficult terms you cannot seem to really understand at first sight, they also give you suggestions on where to invest and what’s currently happening in the sector.

Here is our pick of Indonesian crypto influencers to follow.

1. Belvin Tannadi (@belvinvvip on Instagram)

With a total of 1,4 million followers on Instagram, Belvin Tannadi regularly posts educative videos and updates of the crypto world on his feed. From today’s market trend to his own funny TikTok videos, you should definitely check out his page to get some fresh insights about cryptocurrency.

2. Tukang Trader (@tukangtrader on TikTok)

Using the pseudonym Tukang Trader on TikTok, this anonymous crypto trader shares his knowledge of all there is to know about cryptocurrency. From tips for beginner traders, his personal recommendations on which crypto to buy, to advanced explanations about the crypto world, you will most probably find this account helpful if you are interested in crypto trading.

3. Andy Senjaya (@andysenjaya on Instagram)

Actively posting contents on his Instagram for people who are interested to learn about investing and trading, Andy Senjaya is widely known as a technical trader and stock influencer. His Instagram feed mostly consists of his analysis regarding market trends, useful tips and tricks for traders, and educatinal posts that may help some of you who want to explore more about cryptocurrency.

4. Indra Kesuma (@indrakenz on TikTok)

Aside from his daily life updates, Indra Kesuma is also an active crypto trader who regularly shares tips and tricks for people who are interested in crypto trading. He is widely known because of his success story on trading since 2020, making him a billionaire at such a young age. You might want to follow his account if you want to learn from someone who has “walked-the-talk” in cryptocurrency.

5. Fajar Suit (@fajarsuit2 on TikTok)

A Bitcoin investor since 2017, Fajar Suit is one of the crypto influencers you should definitely follow on TikTok. He regularly posts about crypto-related things that are very beneficial for beginner and advanced traders, not to mention the fact that he also shares all updates he knows about the crypto world.

6. Ellen May (@ellenmay_official on Instagram)

Ellen May is the founder of Emtrade, an application that provides education, recommendations, and consultation for stock traders and investors. She is also a professional trader that actively posts contents regarding her views on today’s market trend, tips and tricks for investors, and all things you want to know about trading. If you want to know what to expect when you enter the crypto world, you can look up to her for advice.

7. Michael Yeoh (@_michaelyeoh on Instagram)

Another influencer that might help you understand more about cryptocurrency is Michael Yeoh. Regularly posting tips and recommendations for traders under the hashtag #MichaelYeohTips on his Instagram feed, you will definitely get valuable insights about cryptocurrency and trading in general. He is also frequently invited to many webinar series by other influencers to share his personal views on today’s market trend.

So, these are the top Indonesian crypto influencers you should look up to if you want to test the waters in crypto. Because of how popular crypto is on today’s social media, you might notice that even lifestyle influencers promote it too on their accounts. Remember to be really picky about who to follow and listen to when it comes to crypto, for it is considered high-risk and volatile.

If you are also interested in knowing which influencers are compatible for your industry/brand, Sonar Platform can help you discover and analyse a wide range of influencers including how they performed during previous campaigns. That way, you can also predict how they will perform under similar categories and circumstances.

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