Valentine's Day Conversations: Birthdays, Giveaways, and Ideal Valentine gift ideas.
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Valentine's Day Conversations: Birthdays, Giveaways, and Ideal Valentine gift ideas.

19 Feb 2021

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue,

Valentine’s Day was here,

Here’s what we found out for you!

We were curious to see how Netizens spent Valentine's Day on social. We monitored conversations about this special occasion from February 11th to February 14th (70.919 Total Conversations), which of course the peak of conversations was on February 14th as expected, on this day alone there were 46.939 total conversations on Twitter with topics that varied from Valentine’s day quotes, satire tweets, Valentine giveaways, Valentine poetry, pick-up lines, gifts, and even a hugely celebrated birthday. Among these topics, #HappyJaehyunDay (3.000 tweets) and #Percakapan14Februari (1.042 tweets) were the two top trending hashtags that our platform captured. Let’s take a closer look! 

First of all, even though Valentine's Day are considered to be celebrated amongst couples, it looks as if Netizens are going a rather different direction this year! Self Love was one topic of conversation that emerged during this special and loving day as a reminder for everyone to celebrate the day of love by giving a little more love to ourselves. Self love was talked about in 1.455 conversations.

Next on our list is a little darker (not really), it is the well-known satire narration that has always been the topic of conversation amongst local (Indonesian) Netizen (which is kind of a tradition now for this special occasion) that says Valentine’s Day is not a part of the local culture; Valentine Bukan Budaya Kita (Valentine Is Not Our Culture), This year, this topic was talked about in 15,734 conversations. Here are some of the Tweets we found regarding this topic.


Now, unlike Valentine Bukan Budaya Kita, #Percakapan14Februari was a hashtag used solely for Valentine’s Day poetry and pick-up lines? Which was amusing to see on social. What makes this hashtag contain Valentine poems made mostly to express K-Pop fans’ feelings and thoughts towards their idols, specifically for Korean boy group members. Sure, some were made and used for their loved ones, but this certain collective of poetries were the ones that stood out the most. Here are some of our favorites:

Our tool also picked up on the hashtag #HappyJaehyunDay which was another Valentine trend started Kpop and Fans. The hashtag quickly became a trending topic on Twitter in no time at all. This hashtag alone managed to generate tweets from fans of a K-pop boy group, NCT 127, to celebrate one of their members’ birthday, namely Jaehyun. Of course, the hashtag first generated a lot of buzz due to the congratulatory post from the official account of NCT 127, but also became a trending topic due to the enthusiasm and wholesome thoughts along with posts from presents that were sent out and expressed through this hashtag, along with #25ValentinesWithJaehyun (2,851). 

Although the main trends revolved around the prior hashtags, numerous topics were also discussed on social, from small businesses to netizen holding Valentine giveaways that talked about what their ideal Valentine’s date, or simply an ideal gift from their special ones. There were 1.439 conversations about Valentine giveaways on February 14th alone. Here are some of the most engaging giveaway posts: 

Speaking of giveaways and gifts, Money was also a big topic of conversation on social, the 1,773 posts about this topic varied from receiving money, not being able to afford a Valentine’s day due to various reasons such as still being unemployed or not having enough money to spend on gifts, along with conversations about angpao that was related to Chinese New Year (or “Imlek”), which is why Imlek was still mentioned even during Valentine’s Day and mentioned in 2.376 posts on February 14th and 3.070 in the 4 days of our monitoring period for the topic of Valentine’s Day. 

Now, as we mentioned above, gifts was a big conversation topic this year, with just the keyword “gift” being posted over 600 times. We became curious about the ideal gifts local Netizens were talking about. Based on the number of posts, we can conclude that Chocolates are still the most talked-about Valentine's gift. 

It’s quite apparent that most Netizen still stick to the classic chocolates and flowers aside from speaking of money and riches during Valentine’s Day. This could be a helpful insight for brands and small businesses to further combine their marketing strategies and social media knowledge into creating a more compelling and captivating marketing campaign or giveaway that includes a romantic partnership with chocolate brands for future Valentines. Maybe even include Kpop idols and fans in the mix to create more engaging Valentine campaigns or promotions. 

For more insights about social conversations and analytics, Sonar can help businesses in further analytical research on audience perception and industry-wide trends, as well as common themes of conversations within the scope of your audience, especially when thinking of strategies to make your marketing campaigns and social media activities more engaging, effective and relatable to the social audience. 


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