What do you tweet about when munching?

What do you tweet about when munching?

19 Jul 2018

Who doesn’t like to snack? Most people even go on a snacking binge, it’s basically the fastest way to fill our tummy and satisfy our craving throughout the day and during the night when we still feel unsatisfied with our dinner, or perhaps just during a movie. We were curious to find out what netizens usually discuss in terms of snacks, do they just talk about what they want to eat? We’re guessing there’s more to it than that.


Our tool captured 8.092 post regarding “snacking” in general, that generated a total buzz of 27.543 and 19.451 engagements. Out of 8k post, 5k were Twitter post, 2k were from news portals (online media). And 109 were forum threads which brought in 5k post within the threads alone.

As seen on our infographic, there were many topics being discussed associated with snacking, such as diet and tips on dieting, along with reminders to consume fruits, and also serious discussions over a new local innovative Milo and Nutrisari dessert. There was even discussions about the consumption of pineapple for women. Not forgetting the most talked about topic, nostalgia, yes actual nostalgia over childhood snacks. It’s always precious to reminisce about the good ol’ days, right?

Take a look at our infographic above to know more about what netizens talk about on social relating to snack time and find out what they are most likely to munch on by looking at our second snack infographic on our blog page!

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