Which iPhone 12 series was most talked about on social?
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Which iPhone 12 series was most talked about on social?

20 Oct 2020

On October 13th, 2020, Apple held their second Apple Event in 2020, where they finally released their most anticipated and newest iPhone series; iPhone 12. The release of this product of course bumped Apple to one of the top trending topics on Twitter as it always does every year due to the amount of anticipation, especially from Apple fans on social, the official hashtag #AppleEvent was mentioned in 3.845.755 posts across all major social media channels for an entire month even after the previous annual apple event that launched the new range of iPads. Netizens were awaiting the next event and launch, as Apple Event was talked about 241,042 times this last month and no doubt the new series of iPhones was the most anticipated product as Netizens have been talking about or leaking information and rumors on social about the newest iPhones, there were 1,820,532 posts about iPhone 12 across all social channels within a thirty day period. In Indonesia alone, there were over 19K conversations on Twitter about the Apple Event in itself just in two days (Oct 13th - Oct 14th). 

After having experienced a relational schedule setback, the announcement about Apple's most favorite product answered all public curiosity. Yes, we’re talking about the iPhone 12. Now, the launch of this newest iPhone sparked a lot more conversations than usual due to Apple’s announcement during the event that their iPhone is in fact, 5G ready thanks to their partnership with Verizon’s new 5G network services. Apple also surprised the public with a couple of other information relating to the iPhone 12 series, such as the new bionic chip and software upgrades that involve their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning upgrades along with the camera upgrades, namely their newest computational camera that elevates their phone cameras into photography level of quality pictures. 

As you know, Apple released the 12 series which consists of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, and the iPhone 12 Pro series. Now, let’s take a look at which model within the iPhone 12 series was talked about the most. 

As you can see from the infographic above, in Indonesia, there were 70.948 tweets about the entire range of the iPhone 12 series. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Pro series which includes the Max model had generated 15.746 discussions and the iPhone 12 Mini was mentioned in 9.553 conversations just on Twitter alone. 

In terms of discussions, most of these conversations talked about apple’s new 5G feature, the pro models which include the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the price. Speaking of the price, there were also 31,236 conversations on Twitter about the newest iPhone’s carbon footprint issue. Yes, we’re talking about the phone units not including a charging dock and earphones, leaving only a USB cable in the new, thinner box. There were over 30K tweets about earpods or earphones in correlation with iPhone 12 and 31,237 conversations about the charger of iPhone 12. This issue contributes to the 10% negative sentiments about iPhone 12 across social media channels. However, despite that factor, the overall sentiment remains positive, mostly due to the fact that the new iPhone seems to be 5G ready. 

So, which model are you upgrading to? or are you sticking with the best selling iPhone 11 series?

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