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Why Artificial Intelligence is Beneficial for Your Brand

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Why Artificial Intelligence is Beneficial for Your Brand

Though often misunderstood by the society as something malicious, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essentially a form of intelligence demonstrated by machines based on the data they receive and programmed to interpret. It has now become the most popular topics among marketers because people are starting to realize how AI can really make marketing easier.

From processing huge chunks of data that are manually impossible to engaging audience in the most suitable way, AI has certainly transformed businesses in every industry.

Now, here are some of the reasons why AI can really benefit your brand.

1. Improve customer experience

Customers tend to favour a brand that could give them anything personalized. From personalized interface that is easy for them to use, personalized product suggestions, and personalized chatbot messages that will always be at their service 24/7, these choices of AI-driven technologies will definitely come in handy if you want to improve customer experience.

Keep in mind that better brand experience will most likely drive customers to become loyal to your brand, leading to more revenue and success.

2. Efficiency and productivity gains

The main benefit of implementing AI in businesses is how effective it is in terms of efficiency and productivity gains. We know that there are some mundane, redundant tasks that can possibly be done by technology instead of humans, such as operational tasks.

Using AI allows workers who initially have the responsibility to do these tasks to move to higher-level tasks that technology can’t do.

3. Optimize digital promotion

With so many different channels available for digital marketing, not all of them will perform well for each lead. It takes a whole lot of time to know which channels work best, especially if you’re doing it by conducting a thorough experimentation, manually.

AI-powered software is such a lifesaver for this kind of issue because it gives you suggestions regarding which channel has the highest chance of success in real-time, based on each interaction with the brand.

4. Process large data sets

Though we can all agree that humans are better than machines in doing many things, we also need to admit that humans are very prone to making errors, especially when it comes to a large amount of data.

AI definitely exceeds humans in terms of processing large data sets and spotting patterns in data, which can therefore be used to gain valuable insights.

5. Understand and predict consumer behaviour

You may think that the people who are closest to you are the ones who know your personality traits the best, other than yourselves. As a matter of fact, none of them beats the accuracy of AI. AI is able to provide personalization across each customer journeys along with predictive modelling in order to achieve better outcomes at every interaction, useful to power market research tools and media monitoring tools.

When you can predict each action and buying behaviour of your customers, it is possible for you to come up with a distinguished buying funnel that is solely constructed to optimize sales. One of the ways AI is utilized is to process sentiment analysis in Bahasa Indonesia in order to contextually understand social media conversations.

6. Helps with analytics and monitoring

We all know that data is vital for success. It allows the chance to monitor and understand which strategy worked and which didn’t while offering insights as to why it resulted that way. If marketers are provided with a more accurate data, it becomes easier for them to create better strategies that lead to success.

AI can provide data and analytical insights that can be used to create a better campaign, a better marketing strategy, and better recommendations that can help brands improve their business.

The conclusion is, if you haven’t used AI in your brand’s marketing strategy, you are definitely missing out a lot of opportunities because it is certainly a worthwhile investment. While it may seem unfamiliar and intimidating, AI is actually very easy to implement with today’s systems.

You can also contact us for more information regarding how we use AI to gather accurate data in social media monitoring. From brand sentiment analysis to market research tools, Sonar Platform helps you collect valuable information that are crucial for your brand’s upcoming market strategy.

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