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Why Localized Social Media Analytics Tools Provide Better Insights

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Why Localized Social Media Analytics Tools Provide Better Insights

Behind all social media activities, there’s a wealth of information hiding called social media analytics. Social media analytics, to put it simply, is to garner extremely useful data from the updates people share, the interactions generated from people’s followers, and the comments people reply to on their social media accounts. With the right tools, social media analytics can help you find the most important consumer insights that may be impossible to find anywhere else.

However, not all social media analytics tools available in the market might work for your business, especially if you are in need of a more specific and accurate data. This is exactly where localized social media analytics tools steps in.

Here are 4 reasons why localized social media analytics tools provide better insights for your business.

1. Better market knowledge

It would be impossible to run a business smoothly without understanding the market context in which the business operates. This also applies to social media analytics tools that are supposed to gather the right data and provide you with valuable information relevant to your industry.

Localized social media analytics tools are designed to understand consumer behaviour of a specific market or region that is directly and indirectly connected to the product or service that you offer, but even more specifically, the most pertinent ones. This gives you more targeted data and insights which you can further use for your upcoming marketing strategy.

2. Understands local language and dialects

Language barriers are one of the many reasons that limit the ability of social media analytics tools, resulting in an inability to comprehend various languages and dialects that may actually contain precious insights for your business during the process of data collection. By using localized social media analytics tools, this issue can be avoided. Not only does it understand your local language, but it can also spot local dialects which resulted in an even better accuracy in data.

3. In tune with the local trends

There is nothing more important to business than staying informed on what’s happening on social. This lets you build credibility and value, which makes your business stand out compared to competitors. Localized social media analytics tools specialize in keeping up with the local trends. In return, you will be provided with the most up-to-date analytics that helps your business stay ahead of the curve in terms of strategy.

4. Having an account management team that understands your culture

Culture is what influences people’s views, values, humour, hopes, loyalties, even their fears. This means that having a perspective of one’s culture helps a lot when we want to really connect with them. When it comes to social media analytics, an account management team who understands your culture entirely is greatly needed, and that is exactly what localized social media analytics tools have to offer. A deeper understanding of the culture is what makes the information you get from analytics valuable and will be of great use in deciding your next strategy.

In conclusion, localized social media management tools are the way to go if you require more concise insights for your business. If you are looking for a localized social media listening tool in Indonesia that suits your needs, Sonar Platform would be a perfect choice. Our services include media monitoring, market research, and sentiment analysis in Bahasa Indonesia which would help your business gain valuable insights relevant to your particular industry.

You can contact us for a personalized demo.

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