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why use sonar
why use sonar

The World's Social Data Problem

The World's Social Data Problem The growth in global data is expected to increase 10-fold by 2025 as forecasted by IDC, whereas a large portion will be in the form of user generated data, social media specifically. This provides both immense challenges and opportunities for companies to properly and promptly capture and analyze with speed and scale. The exponential growth of digital conversational data will prove impossible to analyze manually, whereas fortune 500 companies can simply afford to contract high-end companies and solutions, the rest will be left to fend for themselves. Without the proper technology and solution, costs of capturing and analyzing manually will sky rocket, in conjunction with the rise of medium to high skilled labor costs in the field of mathematics, statistics and most scarcely, data scientists. Companies need to capability to take advantage of this data, in order to capitalize on the benefits and stay ahead of the competition. Failing to do so will render them obsolete due to poor, uninformed decision making, delays in action and customer loss to lack of insight.


Empowering Companies & Consultants

To solve this problem once and for all, Sonar Platform has the ability to collect, analyze and report automatically. In line with our goal which is “complete automation” of the analytics and recommendation process, we believe with the technologies available today, in Artificial Intelligence specifically, application systems can mimic (and mostly exceed) human abilities to analyze and provide decisions and recommendations based on data. Such automated insights and recommendations are produced based on conversations, opinions and sentiment collected from public and privileged social and digital sources. Conversations processed by Sonar Platform are restricted to public domain and data provided voluntarily (unless special privileges are provided) such as public tweets, public Facebook pages, open forums and so on, to fully comply with privacy laws. Subscribers can independently create queries, slice and dice data, and ultimately generate AI assisted narrative reports. In conclusion, Sonar Platform's ultimate mission is to provide value by helping companies transform such conversations into better business decisions through the right data at the right time with an affordable solution.



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