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Online Marketplace Analysis

In the midst of COVID-19 keeping track of your products on online marketplaces has became more important than ever. Instantly analyze product sentiment, top merchants by sales, pricing benchmarks, purchase numbers across mainstream marketplaces.

Create Data-Driven Marketplace Strategies

With the constantly rising presence and adoption of online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms accross Asia, companies that have an extensive product and service presence on these platforms are finding it increasingly difficult to be in-the-know of how buyers (and merchants) percieve such items and the companies that make them.

Imagine you're a manufacturer that has multiple distributors, who in-turn have multiple outlets on various marketplaces. How do you keep up with customer perception on each store? what's beeing said about your products on a daily basis? which distribution stores are shipping the product? The sheer amount of data makes this next to impossible to keep up with manually. By the time you actually get these reports, your competitors have already adjusted their strategy and changing the landscape before you're able to put together a strategy.

Benchmark Pricing, Exposure and Sales 

Sonar Platform's online marketplace solution helps companies keep track of their products and services in various e-commerce and marketplace sites by analyzing product-related keywords. We go beyond simply collecting and anlayzing comments and reviews by going deeper into each merchant and calulate key metrics such as product views and shipment quantities, review sentiment and individual product pricing. This enables companies, with products distributed by these merchants, a broad view on key insights such as average pricing of certain products accross multiple merchants, sentiment benchmarking accross owned and competitor products, supply and demand indictators and others.

Our analytical reports contain actionable insights such as:

  • Views (demand) and shipment (supply) numbers of specific products or product groups
  • Cumulative and average price benchmarks within a product category
  • Product sentiment and ratings
  • Store profiles sorted by most viewed, most shipped on a specific product group
  • Top store locations
  • various other custom metrics 

How it Works

Based on your product keywords, Sonar searches marketplaces for matching products and compiles that data periodically. Doing this manually would take countless hours and resources as marketplaces are extremely dynamic and require constant monitoring.

The analytics structure would look something like this: 

Contact us for a sample report or a custom demonstration of our capabilities. 


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Online Marketplace Analysis

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