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Sonar Platform

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Sonar analytics is an automated digital conversation Intelligence application focused on capturing and analyzing sentiment, trends and industry content. Gather, sort and uncover valuable insights in the social and digital media clutter over various channels from enabling you to paint a complete and concise picture of where you stand in near real-time. Make better and calculated decisions with right and complete data.


Sonar Platform

Key Features

Sonar Analytics is packed with features that helps generate concise marketing intelligence derived from social and digital media content, covering key platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Marketplaces and open websites in general. Discover what's going on in your industry at any given time with functionality such as sentiment analysis, trend discovery, key profile identification and automated insight reports.

Sonar Analytics in available through both subscription, white label and on-premise options and comes with the following functionalities built-in

Sonar Platform

Robust Account & Keyword Setup

Develop better company strategies by understanding trends and prominent topics making ground in your specific industry by analyzing a large number or related conversations.

Advanced Capturing & Filtering

Plow through and immense amount of data with advanced filtering by date, channel, sentiment, category and third-level keywords.

Sonar Platform
Sonar Platform

Automated Insight Reports

Save time capturing, tabulating and visualizing data with automated AI powered summaries and reports in editable formats sent directly to your email, Whatsapp Group in daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

Comprehensive Data Sources

Access a complete range of publicly accessible data sources ranging from Twitter to Marketplace or add additional privileged data sources through authentication.

Sonar Platform
Sonar Platform

Sentiment & Mood Analysis

Automated classification each post, article and comment based on sentiment values, moods, emotions or sentence type with options to modify and provide input.

Trend Analysis

Detect peaks in mentions, engagements, and discover valuable insights behind each pick. Drill down by individual data, keyword or specific channel and account

Sonar Platform
Sonar Platform

Viral Post Discovery

Instantly discover the most viral posts across selected channels by a simple one-click sort. Options available are by chronological, post number, amplification, engagement level and others.

Social Score Card

Directly compare key metrics such as sentiment, engagement and reach in our “social scoreboard”. Choose either table or chart views and compare your performance against competitors.

Sonar Platform
Sonar Platform

User Management

Set different permissions for each user such as “view only” or full access administrator. Assign specific users to separate groups or objects to manage your team’s workflow.

Influencer Detection & Account Profiling

Discover key accounts within a keyword group across all or selected channels complete with post samples, sentiment count and post lists. Pull up an auto generated profile on any account mentioning your or your competitors’ keywords to find out more.

Sonar Platform
Sonar Platform

Data Visualizations

Plot your data on to a detailed geographical map or visualize how accounts are connected engagement wise within a group with automated visualization options.


Sonar Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

Sonar Analytics offers the most comprehensive media monitoring services available. We monitor:

  • 670+ Indonesian online media portals
  • 50+ Indonesian printed media publications
  • Kaskus and other regional forums including Indonesian blogs
  • Twitter – We’re an enterprise data partner
  • Facebook pages
  • YouTube channels and popular influencers
  • Instagram profiles and popular influencers

Yes, as long as is publicly available content or authorized sources.

No, we strictly abide by the privacy requirements by each platform and government regulations of each country we operate in.

Currently we are focused on Indonesia due to our Bahasa Indonesia analysis capability. Data capture however is available for any country.

70 – 85% depending on each industry. Higher accuracy is expected for industries we’ve extensively covered and possess high amounts of linguistic training data such as Banking, Telco, FMCG, Security and Public Sector, Finance, Automotive, Tobacco and Airlines.

We guarantee 100% keyword related data capture on Twitter and media portals under our coverage. For other channels, we rely on conversations supplied by each platform’s respective API.

Our flagship feature is our automated insight report available in Powerpoint (PPT) containing chart visualizations and automated summaries. Other automated report formats are raw data (csv/xls), visualizations such as social network analysis and geo-location plotting. Custom reports are also available

We have several subscription options mainly based on the amount of conversations we process within a single month – quota based pricing, all with unlimited keywords on Twitter, Online Media, Forums and Blogs.  

Platforms that offer unlimited mentions usually do not guarantee full coverage, especially on high volume channels such as Twitter and mainly use free API options that get throttled and depreciated regularly.

Simply fill out or contact form here, and we’ll get in touch with you within the hour (during working hours that is). We usually take 24 hours to activate accounts after keyword approval.

Experience The Power First Hand

Let us show you personally how Sonar Platform can enhance your business with your very own keywords, accounts and industry. Please kindly fill out as much information as you can below to help us craft an awesome use case for you